La Forneria di Nonna Mirella Srls

Via Mosca 51 00142 Roma

P.I./C.F. 15775161001


Tel. 3356993778

IBAN IT07L0306903207100000066138

La Forneria di Nonna Mirella

They say about us… “The one who’s good at cooking and the one who’s good at marketing”

Does it take courage to change one’s life? No, it takes passion!

La Forneria di Nonna Mirella is an Impresa Alimentare Domestica born from the ashes of an experience that upset our family’s lives, leaving us with a great desire for change.


That’s how we started thinking about how to make our passion for cooking into a craft.


We started from a traditional product from the village of Jenne in the Province of Rome (Nonna Mirella’s birthplace), the “Tortiglione” which went with our breakfasts for years.


Step by step we thought about how to “modernise” this product and how to make it the protagonist of the different times of the day and different get-togethers.


​We didn’t think that a good product could be improved to an even higher level, this was possible thanks to a meticulous selection of the raw materials, starting from flours, all rigorously type 1, all the way to nuts from Italy and chocolate from Belgium.

At this point we understood that crafting an excellent product wasn’t enough, but it was necessary to surround it with a brand and a packaging that would communicate its tastiness before even trying it.


To perfect the attention to details, every single product is crafted by hand with care and passion.


All this requires time and patience.


So as an Impresa Alimentare Domestica we have chosen to deal with a lifestyle and food model (?) that is slow and healthy, where the time spent for the making of a biscuit is a value… to be savoured.

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