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La Forneria di Nonna Mirella
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Located in the Borgo of Jenne in the Monti Simbruini Park of Lazio, the old wood-burning oven is a historical and architectural heritage dating back to the year 1751. This oven has always been the meeting place of the inhabitants for baking bread and cakes, this is where Tortiglione, one of Jenne's traditional products, is born. After more than two centuries today the oven returns to its former glory, La Forneria di Nonna Mirella has transferred the production here, in addition to the Tortiglioni, the ancient Jenne bread and many other traditional products will also be made. Here everything happens at a slow pace and with rules dictated by nature and the seasons, a simple way to rediscover the flavors and life of the past. 


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Our Mini and Maxi TortiBoxes are available again this year. We have decided to offer you a traditional Christmas dessert that is perhaps less known than Panettone but we assure you that it will not disappoint you. The low version of Pandolce is a compact dough flavored with candied orange and citron, orange flowers, raisins and pine nuts, a set of fruity flavors that fully interpret the Christmas atmosphere! 


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An important news for all of you, the first Tortishop of the Forneria has been opened a few steps from our laboratory, at the Municipal Food Market of Grottaperfetta. You will always find all our products available to buy and taste. Come and visit us in Via dei Granai di Nerva 170, 00142 Rome at Box33.
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Lots of news out of the oven !. We have thought about how to offer you three tasty novelties for breakfast:
- Tortilatte: a tasty milk biscuit with simple ingredients for a breakfast like it used to be
- TortiGnam: two tasty snacks designed for the little ones
- Ciambellone: ​​a typical recipe of grandmothers, in two variants with Lemon and Cocoa
You can find them on our shop!
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Our new gift cards are now available on our e-shop, an original gift to let you taste our products with a click!
The most luxurious declination of Tortiglione comes from the marriage between the authentic Sicilian pistachio and the precious aromatic notes of the Belgian cocoa beans. For a unique tasting, frame the Spotify Code on the back of the package and immerse yourself in a multisensory experience that puts all the senses in agreement.
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